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What to Eat After Getting Dentures

When you're new to wearing dentures, questions like what to eat after getting dentures can raise concerns. Rest assured; you have no reason to worry. Adjusting to the feeling and sensations of eating while wearing dentures takes time. Your friendly local denturists at Apex Denture Studio of Richland have the information you need to help you get used to eating with new dentures and enjoying food again.

First Time Denture Wearer? Ease Into Eating

We suggest slowly transitioning to solid foods, recommending liquified or soft foods the first few days after acquiring new dentures. Smoothies, pudding, applesauce, yogurt, vegetable soup, soft cheese, and other purified foods are ideal. Because dentures can change how you assess food temperature, we also recommend caution with hot foods. We advise testing food temperatures with your lips while adjusting to new complete or partial dentures so you don't burn your mouth. Never hold hot foods or liquids in your mouth, as they can cause loose dentures.

Tips for Transitioning to Solid Food with New Dentures

When consuming solid foods with new dentures, start with small bites and chew slowly. Don't become alarmed if your sense of taste has changed – it will improve with time. Cut or slice all food into small bite-sized pieces. Choose softer, easier-to-chew foods like baked potato, pasta, fish, chicken, or stewed meats over tougher, dryer foods. Chew each bite thoroughly, alternating between both sides of your mouth and distributing food evenly throughout to maintain denture stability. Keep a drink nearby to clear foods that become stuck to dentures. Always use denture adhesive to prevent gum irritation and ensure a more stable bite.

Foods for the Denture-Wearing Pro

Once you've become comfortable with your new dentures, you can eat just about anything – though some foods may be more challenging. Particularly tricky foods like sticky treats, crusty bread, nuts, whole fresh fruit, red meat, and gum are possible with good adhesive and attention to chewing.

Are You Struggling to Adjust to New Dentures?

Apex Denture Studio of Richland is here to help, providing information on what to eat after getting dentures, denture adjustments, and repairs to ensure you can live your life comfortably with dentures. Contact us at 509-204-8305to schedule a consultation and address your denture challenges today.

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