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Dentures and Denture Repair in Richland

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Do you need dentures or denture repair services in Richland? Whether you need new dentures, denture repair, or relines for uncomfortable, poorly fitting dentures, Apex Denture Studio has you covered. Our denture clinic offers same-day or next-day appointment availability, so you can get the denture services you need fast.

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Complete Dentures

We strive to provide the most comfortable complete dentures on the market. To ensure a better fit, we recommend waiting at least six weeks after extractions to ensure your gums have healed and swelling has subsided to create your permanent dentures. Because it takes several appointments to craft and lasting, comfortable dentures, we do not provide same-dentures. We assure you your permanent dentures will be well worth the wait. If you’re concerned about going without dentures during this time, you can purchase interim dentures for an additional charge.


Partial Dentures

Our Richland denture clinic offers partial dentures for clients who are only missing some of their natural teeth. Partial dentures are the perfect solution to stop your teeth from shifting and prevent strain on your remaining teeth and jaws. We offer multiple styles, including those featuring a metal framework and clasps and those with precision attachments to meet your aesthetic and budgetary needs.

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Interim Dentures

Interim dentures are ideal for patients who might otherwise shy away from business or social activities while waiting on permanent dentures. We design them to look as natural as possible, creating them just before tooth extraction. They are excellent for use while your gums heal and during the time it takes to craft your permanent dentures.


Implant Retained Dentures

Apex Denture Studio of Richland offers implant retained dentures for those with implants previously placed by a dentist. Implant retained dentures snap onto these implants, offering added security and comfort. They feature a slimmer design, require no adhesive to stay in position, and offer added comfort and ease of use when talking or eating.

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Denture Repairs

Even the most durable, well-maintained dentures will eventually need repair. Our Richland office offers denture repairs on-site, working with you to address your aesthetic, functional, and comfort concerns. Before you try do-it-yourself superglue repairs that can worsen the condition of your dentures and inflate repair costs, try our offer fast, affordable denture repair services.


Denture Relines

Over time, as your gum tissue and bone structure change, your dentures may become loose or less comfortable to wear. In these situations, a denture reline offers an affordable alternative to replacement dentures. We’ll ensure your dentures fit comfortably again, adjusting, resurfacing, or rebasing them as necessary.

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Apex Denture Studio offers dentures and denture repair services in Richland, West Richland, Kennewick, Pasco, Finley, Benton City, Prosser, Walla Walla and Grandview. We accept many forms of insurance, offering flexible payment options to meet your needs. Don’t delay - maintain your confidence and quality of life. Contact us at 509-578-1020 to schedule an appointment today.


Telephone. 509-578-1020



948 Stevens Dr.

Suite D

Richland, WA 99352

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